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11/28 Ban Appeal for BF4 Server
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Joined: 28th Nov 2015
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29th Nov 2015

I believe I was unfairly perma-banned from "-wRc- 24/7 Conquest" BF4 server on 11/28.  The admin who banned me was XxHazexX3.  His stated reason was "Admin Decision".  My in-game name is SirBuckeye and my Battlelog profile is here: http://battlelog.battlefield.c ... bf4/user/SirBuckeye/

I haven't played BF4 in about 6 months but decided to jump in with some friends last night.  Things were going great, until one user named "[OZON] Chovelle" started talking smack to me for no reason.  He went so far as to directly call me an "Autistic Faggot" in the chat.  I did not respond with profanity and even told him to "just chill and play the game".  I have no idea why he was attacking me in particular.  We played several rounds, and at the end of a round on Lockers, Chovelle and XxHazexX3 called out my team as "tryhards" because we had just won by almost 600 tickets.  I typed in chat that "Only the losers call other people 'Tryhards'".  After that, I was promptly banned with the stated reason "Admin Decision".  At no time did I use any profanity, insults, or racism.  After the game, I sent a friend request to XxHazexX3, to ask him why I was banned, but he declined it.  Looking at his profile, I see that XxHazexX3 is also in the [OZON] platoon with Chovelle so I assume they know each other.  I feel this was an abuse of admin powers because they were just salty about losing.  I wasn't even at the top of the scoreboard for my team.  I don't know why I was the target of their insults, but I am sad to be banned from such a good server.  If the server chat logs are available, I encourage you to go back and read them.  I hope that my ban can be overturned. Thank you.
Joined: 7th Feb 2015
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29th Nov 2015

you've been unbanned buckeye, enjoy
Last Edit: 29th Nov 2015 by Iceman
Forum » Forums » Guest Introductions / Ban appeals Locked
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