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Windows 10?
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Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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6th Jun 2015

I clicked the button on the automatic download for Windows 10 to be released on July 29th.
No matter how hard I look, I can't find an answer to whether I will have to re-install all my programs after the upgrade.
I am betting that a re-install will be necessary.
Oh well. A nice clean system is always good.
As long as I don't have to buy everything again.
I DID play with the Windows 10 preview for a bit. It will be a pared down more efficient operating system.
I did back up all my data already because you know, things sometimes don't go so well.
They say you can revert back to your former operating system. Famous last words. ha
I'd bet this is going to be a bear but I love a challenge.
So if I disappear after July 29th, you'll know why lol.
I seriously doubt my music creation software is going to like this. Even Windows 7 and 8 balled that up pretty good.
Is anyone else brave (or foolish) enough to give it a go on day one?
As if the BF4 players don't whine enough already. I can just imagine how people will blame Windows 10 on their inability to get good scores. 
I'd bet the free 12 month free upgrade period is going to be nasty getting the bugs out.
It's ok, I'll be the guinea pig. I'm a Beta tester from a way back. I Beta tested Chicago before it became win 95 and tested Windows 10 as well.
I'll let you know on the 30th or the 31st or around Christmas or whenever everything actually works.
Cover me, I'm going in. You cannot talk me out of it. I am going for the flag. ha ha ha
Last Edit: 6th Jun 2015 by DeepDrummer
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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19th Jun 2015

My new girlfriend generation 1 arrives July 29th.
Cortana... ha ha check this out: ... atch?v=EnebexGSSd0
Joined: 26th Jan 2015
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20th Jun 2015

lol, hey is she gonna troll you by saying "that NooB ice killed ur ass again?
on the bright side of things u now have a new lead singer that can accompany you on them late late jamming sessions !!
BTW i hope she can get the beer out of the fridge on demand .........

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Joined: 7th Feb 2015
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20th Jun 2015

lol, let me know how it goes drummer, I have to upgrade my computer... Rogue's been killing me too many times lately so obviously there is something wrong with it, its not me might as well try out W10.
Last Edit: 20th Jun 2015 by Iceman
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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21st Jun 2015

I'll keep you posted on here.
The one that gets the beer out of the fridge is still a bit too pricey but this one actually shuts up when you tell it to. My bad. "Hey Cortana, what do you think of Striker"?
"He's such a Noob." ha ha
Direct X 12 comon.
10 looks quite a bit different and so I anticipate people will have a lot of hate since everyone resists change. Personally, I thrive on it. It'll be fine..... (after 487 updates and service pack 14)
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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21st Jun 2015

It's a good time to start researching how to flip from one start screen to the other and such.
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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21st Jun 2015

She may troll me. They say she learns as she goes.
Joined: 26th Jan 2015
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21st Jun 2015

dammit, if she learns as times goes on and she still wont get the beer then im a lil sceptical, If she learns like all women to moan damn ur in trouble lol

Her first new words will be "I want half" "its my right to have half n i want it god dammit"

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Last Edit: 21st Jun 2015 by Striker
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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30th Jun 2015

ha ha ha. we'll see.
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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30th Jun 2015

Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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30th Jun 2015

I would generally recommend folks wait until the first service pack as long as it is within the year.
I note Nvidia has a Beta driver out for it finally. I've read of 50% increases in FPS but that may be direct X 12 stuff. With Direct X 12 it's somewhat inevitable. Cortana may not be available in Canada.
They say most of your data and apps will not be harmed. LOL. Famous last words.
Joined: 26th Jan 2015
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30th Jun 2015

is BF running ok on 10 ?

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Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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6th Jul 2015

Yes it it running fine on Windows 10 for me. The new "edge" Browser does not work with BF yet. I use Firefox anyway so one has to go into the WIN10 file associations and asociate net things with firefox.
One has to also go into Win 10 and associate audio video files with VLC or whatever you choose to use.
Drivers were slow coming. Nvidia now has a driver for it and soundblaster are supposedly releasing drivers for a lot of their sound cards this month although the win 8 driver did/does work on win10, it does have a few glitches.
Although win10 is not to be released until July 29th, I am sold.
I moved all my data to a data drive, nstalled the latest preview release of win10 on another drive this week.
Sure it takes a bit to find your way around but it is actually near perfect for my needs. Your particular results may/will vary.
So far Cortana only works in the US (or if you choose us for your settings when you install it.
I hope that changes because Cortana is just plain cool.
"Hey Cortana, play me some music" And yes ..she does.
"Hey Cortana remind me to go outside at 10am"..and she does.
I Love the idea of having the same operating system on many devices although I don't have any other devices as of yet.
Win 10 is a pared down operating system in that, not as much garbage will ship with it.
This particular set up for me will include as little as possible purchased for the endeavour.
I am using Libre Office for my Office software this time around. Although I have full store bought copies of Microsoft stuff, They've gotten fat too much of my money over the years. Libre Office is very nice (and free).
I am using VLC for my media player and Firefox for my browser.
It's not for the meek and haters and whiners are gonna whine and hate but I am sold on it enough that I took my old WIN 8.1 drive and blanked it and reinstalled just Win 8 and the audio and video drivers and then I unplugged it to be re-plugged in only to install the released version of Win 10. I came to this conclusion due to the fact that I found I preferred to boot up Windows 10.
It's all opinion (based on facts determined so far by me and others) but I am sold. Heck, I'd use it as is. Oh....I already am.
Don't sell your Microsoft stock yet.
"Hey Cortana, rub my back" .."sorry that will be available in a future upgrade"
Bottom line. They really listened to us preview testers and are still listening.
My results reflect my hardware and our results could be different.
I only found one glitch so far. I am constantly switching my audio profiles from Motherboard sound, sound card sound, wireless headset, wired headphones running through a mixer, 5.1 surround speakers, streamed to TV and a lot of stuff with sound. Disabling other sound devices while using one particular one is always wise but you don't get an option yet to re-enable them. (I re-installed the sound drivers to get them back but of course they are only win 8.1 drivers.
TS works as well. Actually everything I have tried so far works.
There is lots I am not going to install yet until the release version comes out. My goal is nothing Microsoft but the operating system.
Even Cortana prefers to send you to The Microsoft Store.
I asked for Libre Office and she sent me to the Windows Store to buy Microsoft Office. Didn't happen. I typed it into the search instead lol.
This is like a paradigm shift. Well done Mr. Gates and company! Comon July 29.
Oh and the most important thing? Direct X 12.
Joined: 26th Jan 2015
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6th Jul 2015

Hey bud, gd to hear you are getting on with 10 and Cortana, disappointed she wont rub your back tho ... hey wait for that update!!!
Glad you are testing this and giving us the feed back thats quite informative, may help my discussion to get or not to get 10 (that is the question)
Good job bud

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Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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7th Jul 2015

It's really not a huge difference from 7 or 8 which could both be configured to look similar. Mostly Win10 added a few new things and then let the users decide what additions or changes. No doubt the underlying operating system changed some but not so you'd notice.
I thought it was a glitch in the sound end of things but all I had to do was hit "show disabled devices" so in effect no glitch.
Nothing negative to report after a few hours in BF4 yesterday. I'll keep looking for flaws but I'm afraid it's a keeper. My ready to go Win 8.1 fresh installed and updated and waiting to upgrade will remain unplugged for a while yet.
I want the cleanest install possible short of buying it.
I hate upgrades for the pain of re-installing if required.
It will continue to improve.
I think part of the reason not to charge for it is simply that it isn't that big of a change.
I got all used to right clicking the start button on win 8.1 which works the same but left clicking brings about some mighty fine changes.
I found 3D printing support yesterday.
I wonder if I could print Cortana a face.
Can you see it yet? Pick your model. ahhh, there I go travelling around the future again. It'll come fast.
The future is a scary place indeed.
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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13th Jul 2015

I thought I'd give a go at installing the win 10 preview on my favourite laptop. It's an old Dell XPS that came with Vista on it (I converted it to Linux). I just want to say:
I had "just a moment" hanging on my screen ll night. Patience is a virtue. A few manual reboots and it started working.
I actually was stuffing my hard drive reconfiguring and manipulation tool cd into the drive as it was rebooting for what was going to be my last effort and it finally went into windows.
It's nothing new since I have run into that since vista was released.
The bottom line though is it is looking good and rocking now.
My advice is wait but this way I get a free copy without having to own previous versions. I read at microsoft yesterday you can get the release if you were in the program to test the preview. They have done this before.
If you let Cortana do her thing, bing saves all your searches and stuff and Microsoft implants a high definition microchip iin your brain so they can track you and your thoughts and tries to sell you stuff at every turn. There are many places to configure things such as "settings" and "control panel" two different things. for future reference for the brave.
The bottom line is it works on this laptop anyway. Graphics cards must be Direct x 9 or better compatible for future reference.
I will tolerate no whinig from folks that muck it up. That was a long long night. lol.
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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14th Jul 2015

Installing on another laptop today. It is at the "just a moment" point. 10:19 am. It will be downloading and installing everything now. Let's see just how long that takes. It takes a long long time. I see a dirt cheap windows phone online and so I am going to try to grab it. Think of it. You say into your phone. "Hey Cortana, remind me to eat some humble pie in battlefield 4 at 3 pm and instantly it goes into your one drive (cloud thingy free) and instantly it is on all your microsoft calendars on all your devices. Now THAT is what I'M Talkin' about! Yeah baby!
Still, if you're crazy enough to try it, don't blame me. Every computer is different hardware-wise etc. DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF.
I am going to keep one machine on Linux for when the hacksters shut down microsoft. lol.
Last Edit: 14th Jul 2015 by DeepDrummer
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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15th Jul 2015

Ok so on laptop # 2 yet again it seemed to stall on the "just a moment" screen requiring a hard reboot. This has happened to me with win 8 as well so I guess it's normal. I gave it 4 hours to make sure it downloaded all it needed to install properly. it has taken the example from Linux which has been doing it for years. It eliminates the need to do a million updates since it always downloads the latest install files.
I am so impressed already I ordered a $60 refurbished windows phone yesterday which also promises a free install the release if the Preview is installed.
When I beta tested "Chicago" which became Windows 95, I was totally amazed at how much had changed and was improved in the release a month later. This is going to rock.
Me: "Hey Cortana, remind me I have and interview Thursday at 2:15 Pm"
Her : "Ok you have and interview Thursday at 2:15 Pm is that right?"
Me: "Yes"
Regardless of whether you do it on a laptop, tablet or phone, It immediately shows on all your devices. OMG heaven city. But it is watching all your searches and a lot of things which can be adjusted out but then of course you lose the benefit of it then so be good online. Don't do bad things. Big brother is stuck so far up your @$$ on this one it's almost scary. Think "Terminator" I have nothingn to hide. Comon in.
One thing that really blew me away yesterday was that it automatically installed my background wall paper that I use on another machine without me even askiing it to or supplying it with the pic. Wild.
But don't you dare install it. It's not for the meek at this point an all whiners will be kicked or banned LOLOL. Officially, I told you not to. It's not my fault. ha ha.
True story:
Me "Hey Cortana".
Me "Do you Love me?"
Her: Yknow, I'm really not ready for love. I am still working
my way through serenity and apprehension."

Understood. Totally. ha ha.
Last Edit: 15th Jul 2015 by DeepDrummer
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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17th Jul 2015

Update. 2 of my oldest laptopsreturn a not supported on the built in Mic and cam. My beast desktop, the cam portion of my mike/cam is not supported (and it's a Microsoft Life cam.) This could easily change in the release but I can see the 2 older ones going back to Linux since I only use them for music and youtube anyway. I'll continue to mess with them. My $60 refurbished windows phone is on it's way from the city and should arrive today. This will get interesting as I try to put the preview on it. I just Love tinkering and solving computer problems. I think if if software and hardware were glitchless, I'd get bored. ha ha.
Why is Windows 10 free? Pick one and/or add your own ideas.:
1. To sell stuff
2. To snoop the snot out of your computer
3. To make it easier for the machines to take over and shut humans down in one fell swoop since all their devices will be interconnected. I can see it now.
4. To backpeddle after 2 successive releases of poorly arranged software
5. To pare down the operating system so they could fit it on 1 gig machines like phones.
6. To make me happy happy happy because I am an addicted techno-junkie
Last Edit: 18th Jul 2015 by DeepDrummer
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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18th Jul 2015

July 18th. update. I turned on my decent laptop in my bedroom office area this morning and it immediately went to a windows update which took about 20 minutes. They updated me to the release version of Windows 10 Pro 32 bit.
The only problem was it was a bear to get network connectivity.

Ok so I was putting the password for my provider in wrong. Ok so I got that right and wouldn't you know it I was putting my id in the password slot and vice versa. I found that I had typed in one character wrong in my spreadsheets of passwords that reside offline on paper.

Moving on after I had wifi connectivity but still no connectivity.
I tried absolutely everything, reinstalled missing protocols and such.
A couple more manual reboots showed only the wifi and it wouldn't connect. Since most of my machies are wired including this one, that was not acceptable. A couple more reboots and suddenly everything worked.
I have no idea why.
Microsoft tech had said they would ship a personal contact manager with the release. They haven't done that yet.
The results so far?
All previously installed apps and files are perfectly intact and functioning normally.
I guess outlook will have to stay for now but they do have a personal contact manager as well free at the windows store. In fact 3 free ones.
I was using Contact and Address book by adept communications (free at the windows store). It was rated best and is a good contact manager but you cannot export or import your contacts from outlook on it which does not make me particularly happy.
For now I guess I'll have to run outlook on at least one machine. darn. I was hoping to cut Microsoft out of the remaining loop. lol.
NOTE: This is not for the uninitiated especially regqrding the network connectivity but patience turned out to be a virtue and since this puppy is working perfectly, I started installing the Windows 10 preview on the SSD drive for my beast gaming machine.
It's swirling on the just a moment screen which will require a hard reboot after an hour or two. (I wonder if I coudl whip out and catch a fish while I am waiting).
Seeing as I am doing a complete fresh install, I'll have to redownload all the BF4 and DLC again but now that I know everything stays in tact, I can go ahead and set it up totally.
Not for the meek.
Hangin off could be a very prudent thing to do I suppose but hey, it works for me but not right out of the proverbial box. You'd think it would tranfer the network connectivity eh? <<<<Yeah yeah Canadian. lol. We're a crazy lot.
I'll don't know if the other machine is going to auto update to the release. This is an early release for beta testers and I don't know if they will update more than one early like that. if all they give me is the 32 bit version Imma gonna be pissed. regardless, it's worth buying someday if not. If I have to buy it, there'll be two old laptops running Linux again which is tempting anyway due to the non supported cam and mikes on them. Lots of tenting to go yet.  It could be days or more than a week away and who knows if they even will. I may have to go back to 8.1 on that one and upgrade at release date. it's quite a ride lemme tell ya but I should be rockin, lockin and loadin and fragging your butts soon enough ha ha *ducking* ow *running* Thud. "revive revive".
P.S. the windows store is full of apps so yeah, they are gonna make a pile of $ on this deal. Buy Microsoft stock but wait. Most peoplel are gonna whine like stuck pigs over the non connectivity troubles. I'm staying away from thos efourums or I'll never get to play. LOL. Later.....

Yeah yeah. Pictures or it didn't happen. Oh yes it did. It did so . Yeah baby! Oh Ohhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnngggggggghhhh. Thud.

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