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Kids and Music
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Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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5th Apr 2015

I think getting kids interested in Music is one of the most important things one can do.
It helps with maths, physics, stress relief and can even cure growing pains.
A while ago my Nephew's son decided he wanted to learn the Bass guitar and my sister called me asking where she could buy one cheap. Without hesitation, I said "come on over and I'll give him my Bass." I ended up sending her home with a Bass, an amp and a keyboard. He brought the Bass with him the next time they visited and played a perfect song and so we had a little jam session. He showed such an interest in how I was doing vibrato and bending strings, I said to myself "this kid won't be happy with Bass for long. He has guitar on his mind."
So with his father's permission a few weeks later I gave him a bubinga Les Paul I had built quickly and wasn't perfect but it played not bad. I gave him 3 chords to learn and two scales in two different keys with the promise of a better guitar if he learned that. I went back a week later (with the other guitar in my trunk) and sat and watched him play what I had asked him to learn. He did it perfectly. I went out for a minute and then handed him his modified by me perfectly set up Telecaster. Part of the deal was to hand the other one down to his brother.
Long story short, I said to myself the other day that if sis invited me over for Easter dinner, I would bring a Strat for the younger kid so he could have something decent to play if he is showing an interest. I just got a text with the promise of a turkey dinner. Heck yeah, I'm going. Heck yeah, there will be a guitar in the trunk. I've got a feeling I will be smiling all the way home. I don't just plant the seed and hope it will grow. I toss fertilizer on it as much as possible. If you want to live, you've got to give. I Love those kids. BF4 will have to wait because I have to do a setup on this guitar real quick. I am sooo stoked. It's never too early to plant the musical seed. Rock on guys, I may sneak in later on with an AWS, a full heart and a warm smile.
Joined: 7th Feb 2015
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5th Apr 2015

I totally agree drummer, my daughter is taking piano lessons and she couldn't be happier, and my son even though he's still too young loves playing with his toy guitar, music is a fundamental part of our lives.
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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6th Apr 2015

Update: his eye lit up like a Christmas tree and I even got a take home meal of turkey. That's what I call a good day.
It's nice to see you're giving the kids a taste Iceman.
I still remember the day this kid came into my office as a baby in his mother's arms.
When he was about 10 he asked if he could play his father's Start I worked with his dad)
His dad said "If you take lessons and learn how to play guitar, you can have it". Well he got the strat and now has released 3 cds. He is gigging regularly and even more coincidental he has often played with a Man who once practised with his band in my parents basement when I was a kid myself. The drummer from that band used to sit me straddling the arm of e couch and taught me some basic drum rudiments. A couple years later that same drummer gave me a whole drum kit. His giving me a taste at that time caused me to include music in the rest of my life. Check out this former babe in arms and how far he has come in a very short time starting them early is a good thing: ... atch?v=-zR-P7HRe0w
Joined: 25th Mar 2015
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6th Apr 2015

Lyric wrote this one when he was 11 and here he is playing it when he was 12. Kids learn real fast: ... atch?v=DzpSSuJuuiM
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